For Cambodian Street Kids, Friends International Works to Redefine Normal

Hello dear sir/ma’am,

Wish your vision and mission successfully life. Today I was just checking my t.v shows early morning suddenly my eyes stop in a channel named V.A. and then I saw lots of street people and drug addict persons were (now) working with smile at their face that’s really huge positive impact of your mission, heads up to you.

Hope your mission will change the life of people who is dying….

I can’t give you, because I have nothing except my clean heart

Thank you…

This wonderful and heart warming message is just one of many which have come through to us today following the broadcast of a clip on the work of Friends-International last night on US PBS Network’s syndicated NewsHour programme. We hope you will watch, enjoy, and share this clip as it gives a wonderful overview of the breadth and scope of Friends-International’s work in Cambodia, and a glimpse into how the lives of some young people, and their families, have changed for the better through becoming part of Friends’ Programs.



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  1. Eric Ng says:

    Great job. Keep up your good work!

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