Back to School in Siem Reap

school reintegration 0910 sml

Excited students receiving their uniforms and school materials at Kaliyan Mith

It was a very important day for a group of students at Kaliyan Mith in Siem Reap – their first day of school.

Kaliyan Mith (Friends-International’s project in Siem Reap) recently held a ceremony at its Education Center to distribute school materials and uniforms to Kaliyan Mith students who were about to be reintegrated into public school for the 2009/10 school year and to former Kaliyan Mith students who have already returned to school.

A total of 29 children were reintergratred into public school for the first time, while another110 children, who had previously studied at Kaliyan Mith received school uniforms that were made by students in the Kaliyan Mith sewing class.

Over 300 people participated in this exciting event to celebrate a very important day in these children’s lives. including the children and their parents. This is the first time that all the parents participated in this special event and all of them promised to take care of their kids and encourage them as much as they can so that their kids continue their study at school.

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