Dark-Haired Tortilla Sellers

From: Tracy
Mexico City, Mexico

Boarding Pass in hand.  Next stop Taipei. LA and then Mexico, where hopefully a cheery-faced Mexican in sombrero is standing next to Pierre, to take us to our hotel.

Yesterday, in a moment of wisdom, I imagined the possible scenario of a flight delay or a ‘lost in Mexico City airport’ and the need to find the hotel all by myself.  Prudently, I ask Pierre to send me the address, to which he responds, “I think it is Texas Hotel.  It is near Metro Guerero.  Just exit and it is the second left after the dark-haired tortilla seller”.  I diligently note it down and move onto the next job on my “To Do” list.

Sitting now at the airport I all of a sudden realise how inanely blonde I had been to accept these directions.

“I think…” should have been the first concern of mine; followed by “second left” – do we presume one metro exit? – and, “tortilla sellers” that are “dark-haired”  –  perhaps a few to choose from in the sprawling, huge city of Mexico?!

The adventure begins, and a nascent research into dark-haired tortilla sellers, perhaps!

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