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Countdown in Laos - Friends-International Blog

Countdown in Laos

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Our last week in Laos was extremely busy as we still had to complete the other half of the dishes. Thanks to the support of our amazing team, we finished all of the dishes by Saturday afternoon. We left exhausted but incredibly happy, with wonderful memories, great photos and the knowledge that the fun part was over…

We kept the team busy with the recipes selected for the cookbook. Here, they prepare a Crispy Rice Ball Salad with Spicy Sausages.

Of course it wasn’t all about food! To distract ourselves from sausages and salads, we went on outreach with the Peuan Mit team and as you can see, the kids definitely took our minds off the cookbook!

Back again in the kitchen, it was time for Curried Fish and Coconut Soup with Rice Noodles and a Green Papaya Salad

Haste makes waste!

As you can see with the following photo sequence for our delicious Red Hibiscus Daiquiri, we had to be patient to get the perfect shot in the end…

One of the favorite dishes of Makphet can’t be left out – here we see the preparation of Grilled Buffalo Rolls.

Again, patience seems to be the key!

…and then it was straight back to business at our headquarters in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where the text editing started as well as the photo selection. In total, over 6,000 photos were taken, so this will take a while…However, looking at the photos makes me extremely proud of what we have achieved and brings back all the great memories collected over these past months…

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