Best Friends

Dear Friends International,
During the first six months of 2005, we traveled by bicycle through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and China.

During the trip we came to value the amazing friendship of the people in these countries more than ever before. However, the Cambodians have earned a special place in our hearts due to their bravery, openness and kindness, even after all the hardship they have suffered.

We also came across many admirable initiatives setup by volunteers and funded by donations aimed at improving many economical, social and environmental problems in these countries. As we visited Phnom Penh and the Mith Samlanh centre there, we ended up at Friends the Restaurant where we had a very nice dinner and bought the Friends cookbook as a precious souvenir.

Wiro & Judith - Best friends of Friends-International

Wiro, Judith, family and friends - Best friends of Friends-International

When we we’re thinking of a present for our upcoming wedding, we didn’t have to think long to put Friends-International at the top of our list.

We had a great wedding and our friends put together a sum of around €500 for Friends that we doubled ourselves. The whole amount bought 26 bricks for the Mith Samlanh centre in Phnom Penh. We hope it helps a little bit in supporting the great Cambodian kids to the happy future they deserve.

Wiro & Judith

Thanks to Wiro and Judith, friends and family. We wish you all the very best for the future. Your support means so much for our students in Phnom Penh. Proost!

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