Back at the beginning…

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A story from Denis and Annegret, Paris

15 years ago, our son Sébastien suddenly said to us: “I am bored working at L’Oreal. I’m tired of being in an office and shampoo is not exactly what I am passionate about. Its time for me to do something else.”

“Where are you going? What will you do?” We were thinking he would join another decent company and settle down in Paris, not too far away. France is a good country, the climate is nice. there is no civil war, no big humanitarian crisis, nice people (mostly), good food, good wines, wonderful culture, nice countries nearby…

“I am going to Cambodia.”


“I am going to Cambodia.”

“Hey, do you know what happens there? It’s very bad!”

“Yes, so what?”

“And? What will you do?”

“Journalism, translations, teaching…whatever.”

“And where will you be?”

“In Phnom Penh!”

“Is that the name of the main city?”

“Yes, Phnom Penh!”

“Phnom Penh? Are you sure?”

And off he went. What can you do with a 29 old son, who is free and young and wants to explore the world?

A few months later, at the beginning of August 1994 we got a fax telling us that he had founded a center for street children.

We cried with happiness.

And we decided them that we would help as much and well as we could!

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  1. susanna says:

    it’s nice having a family supporting you mostly when it’s about tough decisions…I’m happy I can share this with Seb cause without my dad’s and mom’s love and care and understanding I would never have changed my life the way I did

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