A taste of technology for Mith Samlanh students, courtesy EZECOM.


 In this technological era, the Internet plays a crucial role for everyone in information seeking, information transfer, global connection, the workplace and communication. Being aware of the importance of internet access, we are delighted that a leading internet company in Cambodia, EZECOM, has sponsored Mith Samlanh students with free internet use for another year.

Internet access from EZECOM has benefited Mith Samlanh students for more than one year already. Most of our students are able to catch up on basic knowledge of internet use such as website search, mail account creation etc. However, others need a longer period of time to get started on internet lessons because of limitations of their English language knowledge, level of education and family background.

“It  is really great and appreciated if EZECOM continues offering our students with free internet use since all of our students need more time to practice,” Samould Davorn, Mith Samlanh Staff member said. “Thanks to EZECOM for their support.”

He explained that the free internet access provided by EZECOM gives Mith Samlanh students the opportunity to have a taste of innovative new technologies to help expand their capacities and abilities.

“Our students have chances to update their knowledge and experience via information and lessons on the internet,” he said. “They can study, search useful information and find jobs.”

One student we spoke to at the daily internet sessions said that he feels very happy with this and thanks EZECOM for giving Mith Samlanh this free internet access. He felt he now has a great chance to develop himself for his future career through accessing a lot of information on the internet.

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