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Education for Chenda

A child’s right to education is the centerpiece of this story from one of our Cambodia programs. Chenda* is  ten years old and lives with her grandmother and sister in a simple house constructed of zinc...

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Small Program, Big Impact!

In this post we take a brief look at the broad range of work undertaken by one of the smallest (in staff terms) of the Friends-International programs, the Chom Chao program in Cambodia. Chom...


Back To School Days!

School reintegration is one of the most important education-based functions that Friends-International programs perform. Ensuring that children can access their right to education, and can be supported to stay in school is of vital...


Siem Reap – Reintegrations… And Graduations!

It’s been a busy time at the Friends Siem Reap program, Kaliyan Mith (KM), as they prepare to reintegrate and support children into school!   269 new children (137 females) will be reintegrated this...