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Futures Now! 0

Futures Now!

Saturday 28th April saw the start of an amazing new adventure for Friends-International and Cambodia program Mith Samlanh, one that will radically transform the existing Mith Samlanh center in the heart of Phnom Penh into...

Little Big Worlds Come To Kaliyan Mith 0

Little Big Worlds Come To Kaliyan Mith

Dorette, our Kaliyan Mith (KM) program Technical Advisor for Non-Formal Education (NFE) in Siem Reap, Cambodia, sends us information on some amazing collaborative arts workshops that took place there this week – read on...


20 Years Of Friends – Moments In Time #1

Reflections by Friends co-founder Mark Turgesen on one unforgettable evening in our 20 year history… with more to come! “Phnom Penh, Cambodia, August 4th, 1995 – Man Phally and the Mith Samlanh outreach team...


Fun Fair Wrap

Last Saturday’s Fun Fair saw droves of people descending on the Mith Samlamh center in Phnom Penh to celebrate Cambodia’s colorful culture. Color (and culture) was everywhere, from the dazzling costumes of the students...