Stop AIDS, I promise

Yesterday was World AIDS Day. For the event Mith Samlanh organised a performance named Stop AIDS, I promise.
The event took place at the Mith Samlanh Training Center near the National Museum. It was organised and run by youth from Mith Samlanh with the support of our cultural team. Its purpose was to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS amongst Cambodian youth.

Beginning at 2pm, the performance ran for two hours. The event was full of fun, educational activities and games, both on and off the stage. Mith Samlanh children from the Educational Center aged between ten and twelve proudly performed two Khmer Traditional dances – Flower Dance, and Boh Kror Vanh. Singing, disco dancing, fashion shows and hair style fashion shows followed.

Games and group dances closed the event. The confidence of the performers showcased the talent and creativity of the youth we work with.

Aside from having a lot of fun, the children became more aware of the risks and dangers associated with HIV/AIDS.

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