Mith Samlanh’s CREATE hit the stage

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Students from Mith Samlanh’s ‘CREATE’ dance group performed a short piece at the annual Hip Hop Festival at the French Cultural Center in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on 4 and 5 June 2010. The fusion of hip hop and traditional Khmer dance styles was the driving force behind CREATE, whose members were more than excited about this opportunity to display their talents and passion for hip hop. All 12 dancers, aged from 10 to 23, were from the educational or vocational training programs at the Mith Samlanh Center. The show was amazing; their agility and sense of rhythm were impressive but most importantly, they had fun, enjoyed it and prepared themselves as true stars. The audience definitely loved them and kept on applauding during the show. Sharing the stage with Cambodian hip hop stars like BDB and others, Mith Samlanh’s students now have their own fans!

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