Is it a bird? A plane? No, it’s Peuan Mit!

Being a superhero means it’s really hard to find the time to learn about the important things in life that keep us healthy, thriving and happy – lifeskills! Fortunately the Peuan Mit program in Lao PDR has a mobile school (the Peuan Mitmobile!) staffed by their own brand of superheroes that can go out to the mean streets of the city to bring just those skills to all the super (and ordinary) heroes who live there.

As you can see, Batman was busy  today but Spiderman joined the Peuan Mit mobile school life skills sessions in one of Vientiane’s (Lao PDR capital) most vulnerable communities. He was so relaxed he even took his mask off!

The Peuan Mit mobile school aims at providing remedial education and life skills (hygiene, childrens rights, reproductive health, drugs prevention…) education to children, youth and families in communities. The team is composed of a teacher (Xya, who is Hmong and can of course also teach and talk with Hmong parents and children), a life skills trainer (Boon, A.K.A. Superwoman…) and a social worker (Tao) who works with children and families on individual case management support.

The mobile school is part of the Peuan Mit prevention program and works currently in 4 comunities of Vientane (in km 36 at the garbage dump, in Chensavane, in Nongduangtong and in Nongbeuk) and in one of the Government’s rehabilitation centers. You can find more information on Peuan Mit on the FI website here or by contacting

Sokdi der !!! (“goodbye” in Laotian)

(this story was brought to you by one of the Fantastic 5 (hundred) who work for the (far from) mysterious organization FI…)

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