Idol Gives Back

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Well, it’s a new year. Phew! They seem to pass by so quickly.
Everyone at Friends is hard at work supporting our programs, producing our new Makphet Laos cookbook and international product catalogue, planning for the ISPP Fair and the new Mith Samlanh Fun Fair. We have also recently shown some new and exciting visitors through our doors including the Finnish Idol team (Idol as in ‘American Idol’).

The Finnish Idol team visit Mith Samlanh

The Finnish Idol team is producing a major TV event this year called ‘Idol Gives Back’. Friends-International and Mith Samlanh were chosen to feature on the night. The evening will include many Finnish and International celebrities and is aimed at raising money and awareness. It is estimated that the program will be seen by one million people. That is exciting and fantastic news for our organisation.

Our Cambodian Communications Manager Phearun escorted Idol host Heikki Paasonen  and performer Mariko Pajalahti through the Mith Samlanh grounds. They were certainly popular with the children. The crew and producers Jari Kivelá, Ritka Heino and Pia Louhivuori were very professional and very lovely. Each member of the team was moved by what they saw at Mith Samlanh.

Four students within the Mith Samlanh program were selected to choose a word or statement that best encapsulated their Dreams, Hopes for the future, Fears and Happiness. Each student was honest and confident in front of the camera. We will leave you to discover their answers once the show is aired!

Host Heikki Paasonen closed the filming by interviewing Mith Samlanh Program Director Map Somaya. The interview covered the issues children and youth face when arriving in Phnom Penh, the work of Mith Samlanh outreach teams, history of Friends and its vision for the future.

Idol host Heikki Paasonen interviewing Mith Samlanh Program Director Map Somaya

We will post more details of this exciting event as they arrive, as it is via programs like this that our work can be broadcast to a greater audience. For that we are grateful indeed.

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