Help Us Win The Skoll Challenge!

The Skoll Entrepreneurship Challenge is a major online fundraising event, launching on September 30th . It will run for eight weeks, and 57 organizations, including Friends, will take part in this global challenge which will strengthen their fundraising capacity whilst raising their profile with existing (and potentially new) donors.  All funds raised by the Challenge are unrestricted, which is fantastic – it means we can place them wherever the greatest need is in our programs. There are also prizes, including $250,000 for organizations who raise the most money and in addition, $750,000 more to be shared by all participating organizations as the eight-week campaign gains momentum, so you can see how important participating will be!


Crowdrise are managing an online fundraising platform that any of our supporters (individuals, corporates etc.) can connect with. We’re hoping that some of our great supporters (you!) will create teams that could help us by raising funds among their own networks. Each FI ‘team’ will have have their own separate website, connected to the main FI page, and everything raised by that team goes to our collected page.

If you would like to help us in the Challenge and start your own team, please contact for more details –

Thank you!sunnies

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