Farewell to Um Long – Mith Samlanh Guard

It was with sadness on March 3rd Mith Samlanh farewelled Mr.Loeng Long.
Mr. Loeng Long had worked with Mith Samlanh for the past 10 years.

Addressing Mith Samlanh staff and students Mr. Loeng Long spoke about his time as guard.
“I’ve been working with Mith Samlanh for 10 years. I’m so glad to be part of Mith Samlanh. I’ve felt so warm and grateful in my work with all the kindness, understanding and belief from colleagues and management team.

During my 10 years I’ve seen how Friends has changed the lives of numerous street children. At times it has been tough working in security with street children who are used to living free without rules and regulations, but the result we have, the smile on the faces of our children and the life they lead after moving on from Mith Samlanh really overcomes these challenges.

Mr. Loeng Long with Ms. Map Somaya at Mith Samlanh

Ms. Map Somaya and Mr. Loeng Long

I’m old now. My health is not so stable. I think it’s now the time for me to retire. I’m so glad with what I’ve been able to achieve. Once again I’m very gratefully to all Mith Samlanh staff and management for all their patience and belief in me. I hope Mith Samlanh continues its great work helping Cambodian street children for a better future in our country.”

Ms Map Somaya, Program Director of Mith Samlanh, expressed her gratitude.
“Um Long (‘um’ means uncle in Khmer), is a very important staff member for everyone at Mith Samlanh. We love him, and we gratefully thank him for his great work. Without him we would not have been able to perform our best. We definitely would not have felt as safe and secure as we have.”

Mr. Loeng Long and Ms. Map Somaya at Mith Samlanh

Mr. Loeng Long and Ms. Map Somaya

Um Long had been employed at Mith Samlanh since 17th March 2001 until 28th February 2011. One of the great things about Um Long is his ability remembering faces of all children and youth in our main educational center and vocational training center. If he sees any new faces, approaching the gate he will immediately memorize the face and send the new child to our Social Work or Case Manager in the center.

Ms. Map Somaya added “Today we gather to pay him our gratitude for all he has done for us, for Mith Samlanh and especially the children and youth of Cambodia. All of us at Friends feel so sad that Um Long is leaving us. We wish him the best and good health for the future.”

Mr. Loeng Long with Mith Samlanh staff

Mr.Loeng Long with Mith Samlanh staff and staff

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