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16 July 2010
Day 9 – Vientiane

I went to Makphet this morning to meet up with Madame Vone our head cooking teacher, and Mr Sene our restaurant manager, to go through our notebooks and write down all the recipes we collected, the details of people we met and to start thinking about which dishes we might choose to include in the book.

The final selection will then be made after we return from our trip south, which will be next Saturday.We’ll then compile the dishes we have chosen from Makphet, plus the dishes from the north and southern part of Laos.

Then on Saturday afternoon we (the students, teachers and I) will make the final decision on what dishes we will select for the book. This part I am very much looking forward to!

In the afternoon, we went back to Makphet to show our students the pictures and adventures we had this week and as you can see from the photo, it was a great success.

Ghislain was working all day on sorting out his pictures and took some cool photos of our meeting with students and teachers this afternoon.

Ket was busy in office catching up with all week’s work and so was I.

In the evening, the Peaun Mit team invited us travelers for a beer Lao to wish us good luck for our trip. The place is next to our office in a beautiful building and their snacks are truly Lao.

I have always dreamed of this place becoming Makphet one day. I am still hoping.

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