Friends baking for Friends!


Jessica, a ten year old girl living in California, recently saw What I See When I Close My Eyes when her parents hosted a living room screening of the movie. Jessica was so moved by the stories of the street living and working kids of Phnom Penh that she was inspired to do something to help. This extraordinary girl then organized six of her friends to help raise money for Friends-International.

Seven ten year old girls, all of them best friend, baked cookies, brownies, blondies, muffins and scones and set up a bake-sale table on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, California. For three hours they appealed, cajoled, persuaded and inspired passers-by to donate money on behalf of the kids of Cambodia and the work being done by Friends-International. These girls told anyone who would listen the stats of street living kids and what Friends-International was doing to help and charmed them all. At the end of the day they raised $1026.00. These girls are Jessica, Maya, Mia, Natalie, Sarah G., Sarah P. and Sarah W and they are simply amazing.

The girl’s drew their own self-portraits inspired by the question ‘What do you see when you close your eyes?’ see the drawings and photos of the event here.

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