Peuan Peuan’s Perfect Day

No, nothing to do with Lou Reed, but an unforgettable day for the Bangkok Peuan Peuan team as they share their work with a visiting dignitary from Sweden is recalled by Peuan Peuan Country Program Director Vuthaya Charoenpal (Ann) in this blogpost.

‘The Perfect Day! 2nd October 2012: A visit from H.E. Maria Larsson, the Swedish Minister of Children and the Elderly. It was not only a perfect day for the wonderful Peuan Peuan Team to shine on, but one of those days that I really felt my heart beat faster and grow super big. H.E. Maria Larsson, the Swedish Minister of Children and the Elderly, and her group visited Pakkred Reception Home for Boys (Ban Phumvet) in Bangkok to learn more about the issues of Child Rights, Child Protection, Education and Reintegration of the boys there. Equally importantly, they could see first hand the cooperation between Peuan Peuan and the Royal Thai Government in providing “Protection and Reintegration of the most Marginalized children and Youth in Bangkok, Thailand”, yes… exactly as it is named after the project supported by World Childhood Foundation by Queen Silvia of Sweden. The visit went really well, and I had an opportunity to present the Peuan Peuan activities to the Minister. She really appreciated our collaboration with the government, and on leaving she said to me, “… as I have seen the activities of Peuan Peuan with my own eyes, I will share what I have seen with the Queen” It was a truly unforgettable day, thanks to my great team, they rock and shine BIG time in Thailand…and hopefully soon in Sweden!!’

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