Adi Adds Up!

(This story comes from Tupa, social worker with the Friends-International program Yayasan Teman Baik, based in the teeming Indonesian capital of Jakarta)

A Challenged Boy

Eight-year-old Adi* and his grandmother have a daily routine of selling tissues to people who are shopping or eating at a local market. When Adi returns home from school, he and Gran set up their tissue stall during the afternoon.

Adi faces educational challenges and has difficulty recognizing basic letters and with reading, but has a real determination to learn. The second grader lives with his siblings, his mother, and his Gran, who he feels a very special bond with.

Making Progress

Adi has been attending Non-Formal Education (NFE) activities run by Yayasan Teman Baik’s outreach teams. With the guidance of social workers and volunteers, Adi has shown a strong commitment to learning. He has made significant progress in reading and counting after only three months of regular participation.

This progress has not gone unnoticed at school – Adi’s homeroom teacher observed a remarkable improvement in his confidence and academic performance – he was no longer afraid to speak out in class. She was also impressed by Adi’s ability to now read and spell sentences fluently, and in counting. When Gran arrived to pick up Adi and take him home, teacher asked what was making this big difference in him? It then came out that Adi’s progress was a result of participation in those educational activities, provided locally by Yayasan Teman Baik every Monday and Wednesday!

Looking To The Future

Before taking part in the learning activities of Teman Baik, Adi rarely wanted to study at home and was reluctant even when his Gran reminded him. However, once Gran learned that Teman Baik were active nearby, she encouraged Adi to take part –

‘…look, you need education to help you have a better future – why not go to the Yayasan Teman Baik activities here?’

That was enough to encourage Adi to check them out and join their NFE groups.

Adi doesn’t say much, but is very enthusiastic and enjoys taking part in NFE activities, always actively participating in the lessons delivered by the social workers and volunteers. Even when arriving late after coming home from selling tissues, Adi still hurries to take part!

His Gran is also very happy with the help that Adi and other kids from the area have had from Teman Baik. She hopes that Adi will be even more enthusiastic about learning, especially in reading and writing, and that one day he will perhaps achieve his dream of becoming a professional football player!

Adi’s new-found dedication to learning alongside the support he receives from his Gran and Yayasan Teman Baik serve as a testament to the power of access to educational opportunities in transforming young lives!

*name changed to protect identity

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