This year, 160 of our staff members and supporters are running the Angkor Wat Half Marathon to make a difference in children’s lives. Our target? Raise $15,000 through our campaign on JustGiving to support even more children and youth in 2019.

Can’t #RunWithFriends this year but still want to take part in the event? Sponsor one of our #everydayheroes!

70 of our staff members in Cambodia are joining the race and participating in the fundraising effort. Some of them need a little support to raise money, and that’s where we could use your help! If you can’t make it on race day but still want to support the team, why not sponsor from the sidelines? Consider fundraising for one of our runners while they run on your behalf!


My job at Friends
: I’m ‘self-employment officer’ and I’ve been working for Friends-International in Siem Reap (Cambodia) for 9 years. My role is to help youth and families to find a vocational training, find a job or start a business so they can solve their financial issues. I love my job because I can give the chance to youth and their families to learn new skills and improve their standard of living.

Why I want to #RunWithFriends: I want to be healthy, have fun but most importantly support more children, youth and their families in my community.


My job at Friends
: I am ‘Family reintegration coordinator’ so my job consists in reintegrating children in their family after being in foster care or in our ‘transitional homes’. I’m making sure the children are safe and happy in their family environment after reintegration. I have been working with Friends for more than 10 years and I love this cause, trying to improve families’ living conditions.

Why I want to #RunWithFriends: I am running with Friends to prove myself that I can do it, to run with my team but also to support our work in the communities. Please show your support by helping us with fundraising!


My job at Friends
: I’m ‘screen-printer’ so I print designs on Friends’ N’ Stuff products that we produce here in Siem Reap. I have been doing this job for five years. I really like this job because it gave me a lot of confidence in myself. Before that, I was working in a company that didn’t support me acquiring new skills and I had very long days so I could not spend much time with my family. At Friends, I get a lot of support from my manager and team and I’m learning a lot!

Why I want to #RunWithFriends: I really want to help Friends to raise money for their vocational training program. Friends is working with a lot of different people (marginalized children, youth, caretakers…) and is doing an amazing job in our communities.


My job at Friends
: I’m a cleaner and have been working at Friends-International in Siem Reap for 3 years. My job is to make our work environment nice 🙂

Why I want to #RunWithFriends: It will be my first time running this race, I’m very excited! I want to be part of the fundraising effort for Friends because I want to learn how it works, and I want to make a difference in children’s lives!