Since our inception in 1994, we have been recognized as one of the best nonprofit organizations in the world. Here are just some of the awards won by Friends-International and its programs.




And more:

  • The Isabelle Allende Foundation Espiritu Award (2008)
  • The Gold Medal of the Cambodian Government for the Reconstruction of the Country (2005)
  • The Silver Medal of the Société d’Encouragement au Progrès (2003)
  • The Order of Australia for Service to Humanity (2002)

ChildSafe Movement



And more:

  • The Reach for Change Child10 Award (2014)
  • The AGFund First Prize for Child Protection, ChildSafe (2014)
  • The AGFund International Prize for Pioneering Human Development Projects (2013)
  • World Responsible Tourism Awards, Highly Commended, Best for Child Protection, ChildSafe (2013)