Jakarta, the most populous urban center in Southeast Asia at 9.6 million people, is also home to 360,000 people living in slum communities. As those communities are often “squatting” on public land, many of the children in them are not registered and thus do not have access to public services such as education and healthcare. It is common for children, and youth in particular, to resort to street labor, such as begging, busking, jockeying and vending in order to help support their families.


Yayasan Teman Baik (“Good Friends” in Indonesian) responds to these obstacles with a holistic street-based program aimed at ensuring children, youth and their families are able to claim their rights to well-being and self-development. Working primarily  in seven city zones in Jakarta, on the streets and in communities both during the day and at night, they also bring child protection training and messages to other areas in Indonesia.


A comprehensive street outreach program, Yayasan Teman Baik focuses on providing immediate support to marginalized children and families, with particular regard to increasing economic self-sufficiency. To achieve this, the Yayasan Teman Baik Futures program supports caregivers and youth to obtain skills and to generate stable income through micro-enterprise development and job placement. This support is linked with comprehensive social work to ensure that young children are supported to go to school.


Yayasan Teman Baik implements ChildSafe Agent training and local campaigning in Jakarta, as well as the ChildSafe Travelers campaign with partners in Bali.


In 2022:

  • Over 3.700 children, youth and family members were worked with
  • Over 640 children accessed education – reintegrated into school, and supported to remain in school
  • 104 youth and family members were supported with skills training and employment
  • 177 trained ChildSafe Agents were active in protecting and supporting children and families
Number of Staff – 15

Contact details:

  • Tebet Timur I No.4, Kelurahan Tebet Timur, Kecamatan Tebet, Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta – Indonesia 12820
  • P +62 21 229 83538
  • ChildSafe Hotline 811-9555-584
  • indonesia@friends-international.org