#EverydayHeroes Of Education

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It is a fact that our teachers, our educators are known for being #EverydayHeroes–a teacher in Laos is living this and more. Teacher Khamtan Vongvilay doubles as a ChildSafe agent, going into communities to deliver emergency food supplies, keep an eye out for the protection of children and tell families how to better protect themselves during this #COVID19 pandemic.

Teacher Khamtan in action, delivering rice rations to families in the community. During this recent COVID19 lockdown in Phou Kham Village. Photo supplied by Peuan Mit

Our #EverydayHero has been teaching for over 16 years. In his years of teaching, he noticed that there are many children who do not have access to education because of poverty. All children have the right to education and to have a chance at a better life, he says. He saw that there are gaps in addressing this concern and maybe, he can help fill in these gaps in his own way.

That was when he decided to be a #ChildSafe agent.

A ChildSafe Agent can be anyone with true intentions of protecting children. We seek out key people in the community such as parents, teachers, tuk tuk drivers, street sellers, travelers – responsible members of society dedicated to the rights of children. We also have ChildSafe Agents within those businesses that have been certified as a ChildSafe business. ChildSafe Agents volunteer to monitor their environment to ensure children are not in danger of harm, such as abuse or neglect.www.thinkchildsafe.org

He currently works with Peuan Mit’s school reintegration project and is involved in following up client cases around Phou Kham village, around 30km from the Vientiane City, Laos.

Mr. Khamtan Vongvilay has been working with Peuan Mit (Friends-International Laos) since 2017 and got certified as an official #ChildSafe agent in 2019.

For more information on the ChildSafe Movement visit www.thinkschildsafe.org.

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