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From Siem Reap To Sihanoukville – CYTI Partners Share Education Approaches

Last week saw Cambodian  CYTI Alliance partners Kaliyan Mith from Siem Reap heading down to the south of the country to meet with another CYTI partner, award-winning NGO M’Lop Tapang . CYTI advocates sharing...


Happy Birthday M’Lop Tapang!

Saturday 1st June 2013 was a very exciting and important day in Cambodia. Not only did International Children’s Day fall on that date, but it was also the day that our long-standing partner organization,...


Learning together, sharing together! M’Lop Tapang come to Bangkok!

Cambodian Sihanoukville-based NGO M’Lop Tapang is a long standing Friends CYTI Alliance partner.  Within the CYTI Alliance, sharing of best practice is a key outcome for Alliance members. So it was with great excitement...